Monday, October 16, 2006

End of Palestinian Refugee Problem

Adwan wondered how Jordan was able to contain 600,000 Iraqis but refuse to allow 280 Palestinians from staying on its territories.
The People's Daily Newspaper out of Beijing in the People's Republic of China, reports that the Palestinian leadership is very upset with the Arab country of Jordan. The telling fact in the short excerpt (click the post title to read the entire article) is that Jordan had no qualms about accepting 600,000 Iraqian Arabs. Under normal circumstances you'd think that is you've already accepted more than half a million refugees, whats another 280! Right?

Wrong! Not when they are Palestinians! No Arab government interested in stability and calm would accept Palestinians. Maybe the best answer is exactly what Abbas is evidently concerned about!
He appealed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to intervene and ask Jordan not to displace the Palestinian refugees for fears that this step could be the beginning of ending the Palestinian refugees issue by transferring them to some countries and canceling their right of return to Palestine.

Whenever someone starts up the Palestinian Transfer Fund let me know, I'll make the first donation!

Yet another contributor to my thesis, Imad Saladin, writer and researcher Solidarity International Foundation for Human Rights as published in Palestine News Oct 17th, 2006 (in translation via Google):

We have warned and others in more than one location and [other] article[s] about the dangers of dissipating the Palestinian refugee diaspora, since this will negatively impact on the fabric of their unity ... It is not evidenced by the clear position of all the levels and orientations of the Palestinian people when they all insisted, in coordination with the Lebanese government ... the need for the Palestinian refugees to accept a reduction of their civil, social [rights], and we have made clear to the Lebanese government at the time that the enjoyment of those rights to those relating to resettlement, that the abridgement of the rights of refugees and civil service[s], and those who were already suffering from it although less frequently today after the agreement with the Lebanese government. These will lead to migration to other European countries and therefore as a result of this disruption to the bloc refugees in Lebanon and the resulting in the end of the negative impact on their right to their homes and property.
Yes Imad , people who have real lives aren't interested in rotting their lives away dreaming about something that hasn't existed for sixty years (if it ever existed even then!)