Sunday, February 17, 2008

La’Or : One Heart & A New Spirit

Okay, so the video clip of Professor Yakov Chasdai is in Hebrew, but as a renown military historian who assisted the Granat Commission assessing the problems which led to the Yom Kippur War of 1974, I think this man's words have some weight. That the organization he heads is also pressing for a restructuring of the Israel system of government, how can I not take an interest in him and what his organization has to say.

La’Or – A revolution in values and constitutional reform
The Laor movement (Hebrew initials of "one heart and a new spirit" (Ezekiel 11,19)) was founded in 1979 in reaction to the post Yom Kippur war social and political crisis, declining norms of government, rising ideological dissent, and signs of military weakness.

Faced with these signs of threatened disintegration, we felt compelled to prepare a far-reaching plan of social and administrative reform.

Members of Laor met over several years to work out the program presented in this leaflet. Our ideas are not utopian. What we suggest has been successfully implemented in other countries, and has proved effective in addressing the problems caused by human frailty and administrative chaos. We do not claim to work miracles, but rather to prevent a decline that could prove to be fatal.

The Laor movement is striving for:

  • A revolution of values which will bring back into our lives mutual respect, a sense of responsibility and freedom of choice.

  • Far–reaching changes in administration to provide a broad over-view and enhance efficiency.

  • Renewal of the spirit of partnership by utilizing and implementing community resources.
If your eyes are open wide and you are aware of the dangers facing Israel –
don’t stand aside