Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Sternhell Travesty

Israel Prize winner Professor Ze'ev Sternhell was lightly wounded after a small pipe bomb at the entrance of his home in Jerusalem exploded overnight Wednesday. He was taken to a Jerusalem hospital early Thursday. ( Sept 25, 2008)
It of course is fascinating to see how the Left fights for the rights of the Arabs dedicating to destroying Israel, yet when someone supposedly attacks them, you should see the gloves come off!

Police speculated that the attack against Sternhell was "ideologically" motivated and was likely carried out by extreme Right wing activists. Police and Shin Bet officials announced the establishment of a special task force to investigate the attack.

Pamphlets calling for physical assault of Left-wing activists were found near the professor's home on Wednesday night, reportedly promising a NIS 1,100,000 reward to anyone who murdered someone associated with the Peace Now organization.( Sept 25, 2008)

How pathetic. Even the Nazi's had more finesse when trying to tie the burning of the Reichstags to the Communists. The best response to the entire sad story was written in a TalkBack by someone from the UK.
This egregious double standard beggars belief ...
A 'task force' no less ...for a petty pipe bomb ... and listen to these leftist prima-donnas screaming foul about 'existential threats' and the need to put the 'miscreants' away for many years. What a contrast to the 500 kg bombs that maim Jewish children and for which these professors petition early release in exchange for dead Israeli soldiers. How about a task force for them? No-one condones such criminal activity, but it is bound to repeat itself if the establishment keeps dehumanising and discriminating so openly and harshly against Jews who cleave to their legitimate homeland.
UK (09/25/2008 11:22)