Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cruel Canadian Immigration Policy

The Israeli Supreme Court decided Israel has the right to refuse to permit Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens from automaticly being able to move and live in Israel.
Justice Minister Haim Ramon of the centrist Kadima Party defended the ruling. "No place in the world is required to admit citizens from a country or authority with which it is in a state of conflict," he said. "We have to remember that this law was legislated during the Palestinian uprising, when several people who received citizenship through family unification carried out attacks."
I have news for Mr. Ramon.

Back when my wife and I returned to Canada to help an educational program there, in order to work, my non-Canadian wife had to apply for "Landed Immigrant Status". As incredulous as it seemed at the time, the Canadian authorities insisted that my wife had to live outside the country while her six month application process winded its way through the Canadian Immigration bureaucracy. No one guaranteed that she would receive the visa, despite the fact that her husband and all her children were Canadian citizens!

To read the world press you'd think Israel was such a "cruel" country! You'll never hear any Canadian Minister of Immigration publicly defending their country's policy, or justifying itself as being at war etc etc.