Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ongoing War

I received the following from fellow Israeli Blogger Yaakov Ben-Yehuda:

Dear Fellow Bloggers, Journalists, & Activists,

I received the following blog recommendation from David Frankfurfer, and would like to pass it onto you:

Kern Malki's Blog of "Daily Events Under-reported, Unreported, and Simply Misunderstood" is both a memorial to their daughter Malki HY"D and an important effort to publicize what Jews and non-Jews don't know or don't want to know, but MUST know about terrorism and what's taking place in Israel on a daily basis.

I hope to link their blog to mine soon. You may want to consider doing the same.

Shabbath Shalom,
Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah
K'far Tapu'ah, Shomron

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