Sunday, January 29, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For!

"The Hamas members were dancing with their flags, and they announced Sharia law will soon rule in the Palestinian territories," said a source. Today's clashes [celebrating the Hamas victory in the PA elections] were the latest in a series of reports indicating Hamas is seeking to impose Taliban-like Islamic rule on the Palestinians. A Hamas-run council in the West Bank recently barred an open-air music and dance festival, declaring it was against Islam. "This is not acceptable," festival head Eman Hamouri told reporters at the time, accusing Hamas of trying to force its values on others. "We condemn this and we have sought the help of the Palestinian parliament to discuss this serious issue."
I wonder how many Palestinians, very Western in their life-style, influenced by Israel for almost 40 years, are going to willingly adopt the stringent restrictions on their private and public lives that Hamas evidently aspires to enforce!

I've said it for over twenty years! Stop hiring them, and eventually they will go away. Without the Israeli economy they will leave and find employment (and eventually lives) elsewhere. Hamas are simply going to increase the incentive to look for a better life somewhere else!