Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Reality of Democracy

I noticed this in a recent Toronto Star article:
If Israel and the West do not accept the results of the Palestinian election, it will only validate the claim by Islamic fundamentalists that parliamentary democracy is acceptable to the West only if serves the interests of the U.S., not the Arab people.

If Israel makes the election of Hamas an excuse not to engage with the Palestinians, cynics will not be wrong to ask: Where was this engagement when Fatah was in power? After all, Israel had 10 years to thrash out a deal with Fatah, but refused to do so and spared no chance to undermine the PA and dismiss Fatah.

I love the one-sided "Israel is totally responsible" approach to these two Muslim writers. I question if the fact that Hitler was elected into power (with half the popular votes of Hamas!) means that his agenda to wage war on anyone and everyone who refuses to agree to his dictates means that the "tool of governing" called "democracy" is any less valid. If anything it certainly justifies the devastation visited upon the German People when their war of conquest swayed the 'wrong way'.

The fact that the Palestinian People chose to empower the most virulent unabashed anti-Jewish movement within their political world does not mean Israel (or the West) have to recognize them without condition. Like a friend of mine once said to me about a similar issue: "You want to play on the Golf-Club Greens? You gotta pay the Golf-Club Fees!". If Hamas wants to be recognized as a responsible government amongst the community of nations, it will have to 'play by the rules' of responsible nations. It shouldn't be surprised if it is banned from using the 'greens' if it isn't willing to pay it's 'dues'!