Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Illegitimaty of Olmart's Actions

I just read a brief prepared (Hebrew) by a Dr. Brayman which brought up a number of interesting points. It basically challenges the legitimacy of any controversial action on the part of Arik Sharon's/Ehud Olmart's "government".

What we have here is:

  • a "transition Government" traditionally encouraged to be careful not to undertake controversial policies in the eve of an election; (Legal Opinions to Previous Transition Governments)
  • that is acting without any brakes or balancing mechanisms in Israel's already brittle democracy;
  • a "party" that has no majority in the Keneset moreover a party that has not received even one vote.

There can be little doubt that the real agenda of Olmart and those who support him are not issues of "Law & Order" or even "Proper Government" but either to take advantage of the time between now and the elections to establish some very violent and destructive precedents or at least establish themselves as Anti-Jewish / Anti-Religious bashers that can deliver, not just talk about delivering.